Photography newsletters

In 2020 I started running two free photography newsletters. I realised that many photographers wanted to understand more about art and make their tentative first steps into the world of art photography, but they also didn’t really know where to start.

Photography Competitions Newsletter

The first free photography newsletter that I started was based on photography competitions. Many people I knew wanted to enter competitions that were beyond what their local photography club could offer but weren’t sure where to start. So I created this newsletter to help photographers out by dropping some monthly prompts into their inboxes with competitions that they might like to enter. It expanded to include any grants and bursaries for photography education that I could find too.

The Persistent Photographer Newsletter

I discovered that I enjoy writing free photography newsletters very much, and therefore started a second newsletters. This one is more loosely based on art photography, and aims to make photographers better. Not through tutorials or “how to” articles, but by talking about the wider issues in the world of photography today, and encouraging photographers to create a more mindful practice.

You can sign up to receive The Persistent Photographer newsletter here.

I’m looking forward to seeing you sign up and begin your art photography journey!