Quote Graphics for Social Media

quote graphics for social media

Quote Graphics for Social Media

Most photographers just post their images on social media. But have you considered breaking it up with a few words from someone you admire? Posting a quote every now and again on your social media can reveal your personality and motivations as a photographer. The best thing about it is that photographers already have all the tools they need to make quote graphics for social media!

Social media is an essential tool for any photographer in business today. More and more social photographers are reporting that the leads and bookings are increasingly coming from these platforms. Keeping an active profile that is filled with regular posts is essential if you want to stay at the forefront of peoples minds.

How to Make Quote Graphics for Social Media

First off, you’ll need to find some quotes. I always search on Google for the word “quote” and a photographers name that I love. Once you’ve found a quote that you love then attempt to find out where it came from. You really, really want to try to avoid attributing things to people who didn’t say them!

You also want to make sure that these quotes say something about you and your business. They should sum up your attitude towards photography, or the way you work. Don’t forget that you’re looking for ways to show your audience more about you.

Then create a canvas in Photoshop or another editing programme. For Instagram, the recommended size is 1080 pixels square. Get started by placing your quote, then get creative with adding elements.

Choosing a Font

Font selection is almost as important as the choice of quote that you’re going to use. If you want to move away from the default fonts that come with your computer, try looking at websites that offer a selection of fonts for free.

quote graphics for social media

Your font can really convey an extra layer of meaning on top of the quote that you pick. For instance, a romantic quote could be in a beautiful handwriting script, while something more hard-hitting might suit a blocky, impactful font. Don’t forget before you purchase fonts, that you can get a font free online.

And the colours too, they make a difference. Either stick to your branding colours if you have them or use gradients and solid colours that contribute to the feel of the quote. Use your graphic design in a way that compliments the meaning of the quote (or strengthens your brand).

Free fonts used in these graphics:
Nan Goldin quote – Stockport
Susan Sontag quote – Hefty Pro
Annie Leibovitz quote – Nightingale

Sign Your Work!

Lastly, when you’re designing don’t forget to sign your work. These quote graphics often get reposted by others without credit to your profile. Don’t lose the opportunity for people to see where it came from – add your social media handle! I like to put mine in the bottom corner, big enough to see but not so large that it takes over.

You never know, you might even find that your quote graphics for social media end up going viral and netting you many new followers! But that would just be an added bonus – remember that you’re using this as an opportunity to tell your audience, and your future clients, more about you as a photographer.