Photography Competitions Newsletter, February 2020

Photography Competitions Newsletter, February 2020

What can I say? I’m genuinely blown away by the messages I’ve had in response to this latest newsletter. You see, I wanted my newsletter to not only be a space where I shared competitions, grants, and other opportunities, but also where I could share my thoughts and feelings about something topical.

This month I wrote a few words about mental health, the pressures we put upon ourselves, and what it’s like to be doing your “dream career” and not enjoying it. And I had so many touching messages from people afterwards thanking me for writing it. It was just what they needed to hear at that time.

February 2020’s newsletter is available here at this link!

The number of subscribers also doubled in size from January to February and I feel absolutely honoured that people are sharing it with their friends because it means that they’re finding it useful!

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