New Research on Photography as Art

New Research on Photography as Art

This is a bit of a secret project. Well, it’s really only secret in that I don’t want to give away exactly what it’s for in case I get swamped with my current PhD work and it takes several years (decades?) to pull off. I’m tentatively starting to research a thesis on how we think about photography as art, building on what I learned in my Masters by Research thesis that questioned how and why videogames might be considered art (and what that could mean for engaging more women artists).

I don’t know exactly what my aims and objectives will be for this thesis will be yet, I am at the stage where I’m going to read the literature, begin a literature review, and see what questions jump out at me. I expect I’ll know more in a few months time when I’ve read some books and made some notes.

So here, below, is my initial reading list. It is partially created from my own research and partially created from the generous help of participants in the FlakPhoto Network.

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