More Photography Kit: Is It Really The Answer?

More Photography Kit: Is It Really The Answer?

It’s an age-old question that photographers often ask themselves. Will more photography kit really improve the pictures that I take? It’s easy to say a quick yes or no, but in reality, the true answer is far more nuanced.

You can take great photographs with the simplest gear. Just a toy camera, or a basic digital camera and kit lens, or even a Polaroid camera. But sometimes it’s impossible to take a particular photograph without purchasing more photography gear.

In this article for Digital Photography School, I thought about the different ways that you could experiment with gear that you already have. Not everybody has the money to continually upgrade get their hands on more photography kit. Instead, perhaps try a genre that is new to you, and experiment with the camera that you already own.

Finding New Things to Photograph Instead of Buying More Photography Kit

It sounds cliche, but the world around you is full of things that you can photograph without buying more photography kit. It can be easy to limit yourself to just the subjects that you know and have photographed before, but instead, try stepping outside of your comfort zone.

more photography kit

Take your camera out for a walk. Really look around you and try to see things that you’ve not photographed before. Perhaps call a friend and see if they’ll pose for you for a few hours. Try photographing a sport that you’ve never been to before – or even better a sport that you’ve never heard of!

If you usually use artificial lighting then try using available light instead. And of course, experiment the other way round too. Perhaps borrow some lighting equipment from a friend in order to try something new.

Never underestimate asking a friend if you can borrow some gear, or even if you can collaborate with them on a project. Some of the best photographs come from more than one creative person putting their heads together, rather than from simply buying more photography kit.