What’s This Blog All About?

What’s This Blog All About?

What kind of a writer doesn’t have a website where they write? Well, plenty actually but it’s kind of rare for someone who specialises in blogging about photography and art not to have one.

I realised that although I create loads of content for other people online about photography and art, I wasn’t creating content for myself. The kind of things that I wanted to write about which didn’t really fit with any of my clients.

So I resurrected my (slightly stagnant) portfolio site that nobody ever visited, gave it a bit of an overhaul, and added a blog to serve as a home for all the posts that were becoming scattered elsewhere, and the ideas that have only ever made it as far as my notebook.

I’m hoping that this blog will become a space to inspire photographers to learn more about the history of art. Since becoming a journalist myself I’ve completed two degrees in History of Art – and you can learn more about that on my About Me page. One of my passions is showing photographers what has gone before in the art world and how they can incorporate that into their own work.

My hope is that my regular readers will become more self aware, more political with their photography, and more engaged with the world around them. I’d love them to become more interested in art and artists, and perhaps we can even visit an art gallery together in the future.

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