Holiday Gift Guide for Photographers 2020

Holiday Gift Guide for Photographers 2020

I wrote a holiday gift guide for photographers last year and it was surprisingly popular. I know lots of you clicked through the links to buy gifts for your partners, your friends, or even a cheeky one for yourself! So here we are at the end of 2020, and it’s less than two months until Christmas. And despite it being a terrible year with the pandemic I’m sure that lots of people are looking forward to celebrating Christmas.

With that in mind, here’s my roundup of some of my favourite finds on Etsy for photographers. Because like I’ve said before – no photographer really wants a mug that looks like a lens in their stocking.

Minimalist Leather Camera Strap

I adore this gorgeous leather camera strap by Clermo on Etsy. I recently bought myself a big, chunky medium format camera and I think that this would be just the thing to replace the horrible early 70s strap that it came with.

Some leather camera straps can be over fussy and chunky, but this one is perfect for people like me who like to keep things simple. Plus, dare I say it, this would look great with a summer dress next year when we’re all allowed back outside at photography meet-ups again!

Brown Leather Print Envelope

These print envelopes by LambAndRaccoon are meant as a stylish way for wedding photographers to present their prints. However I think they’d be a lovely way to store a treasured print collectiion of your own.

A small, handmade photo album would probably fit inside the larger of these leather print envelopes and could be a beautiful way to hold on to a set of memories from a trip abroad, or a family celebration.

A Retro Camera Print

I think that most photographers feel some nostalgia towards beautiful, retro cameras even if they were never film photographers in the first place. There’s something satisfying about the mechanical clicks and thunks when you use them that digital cameras just don’t quite have.

So this retro camera print by SamOsborneStore is a wonderful way to bring some bold graphic illustration into a photography studio, or even just into a study or living room at home.

Cute Fabric Camera Strap

You might have noticed a theme… I’m really in love with the colour mustard this year. My winter accessories wardrobe is mostly full of mustard coloured scarves, headbands, and masks!

This light fabric strap by OliveAndRyeIndustry would be perfect for my little Fuji camera that I shoot most of my work on. It’s so much nicer than the standard, boring straps that come with cameras in the box (and which you never get round to upgrading. I also love the floral print, it’s right up my street!

Leather Camera Patch

I do actually have one of these camera patches by HORD carefully sewn onto a rucksack I own. They are the most adorable way of displaying your love for photography and make a wonderful gift for camera-lovers who already seem to have everything.

Sterling Silver Camera Necklace

This gorgeous, graphic sterling silver camera necklace by inkonk would make a wonderful gift for many female photographers. The design is beautiful and understated, and is absolutely tiny which means it’s suitable for day to day wear.

So if you have a female photographer friend who likes to show their love for photography in a slightly more subtle way, perhaps this one is for them!

Nerdy Camera T Shirt

Most nerdy photography t shirts leave me a bit cold, but this one from CallumHallStudio is super cute. In care you don’t know, it’s a graphic based on the shutter speed selector dial from a retro camera!

I like clever design like this, it’s much more interesting than the tired t shirt designs with pictures of cameras, or quotes about how you shoot people for a living.

Photography Planner Stickers

I love stickers. And I love my planner. Unsuprisingly, I also love putting stickers in my planner to denote the things that I want to do on various days. I have a set of these cute little camera stickers and I slap them in my monthly planner whenever I want to dedicate a day to getting creative with my camera.

These little round rainbow camera stickers from Plannerface are just the job for reminding you to take time out to enjoy your photography hobby.

Don’t forget that Etsy has more than just holiday gifts for photographers. There are thousands of small businesses and artists with shops on Etsy that are selling just about anything you could imagine. A handmade gift is so much more thoughtful than something mass-produced, so take a look at this Etsy gift guide and see if you can get the rest of your Christmas shopping done too!

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