Free Online Photography Classes for the Pandemic

Free Online Photography Classes for the Pandemic

Hey friends! Some good news during an otherwise dreary time. As well as the sun shining in my back garden this morning, Bluprint has also made all of their classes available for free! Yup, for the next two weeks their online classes will be completely free while everyone is stuck indoors, all you have to do is register (and you don’t need a credit card).

There are over 80 photography classes on Bluprint so it’s well worth signing up to have a look. There are even classes taught by National Geographic pros – I’m looking forward to a bit of armchair travel with these particular classes!

Which classes to take first?

Now, this many classes is a little overwhelming. So let me call out some of the classes that look the best for you to think about taking. And then over the next two weeks perhaps I’ll manage to find the time to review some of them too!

If you’re a blogger

Check out the ‘Photography for Bloggers’ class by Lindsay Ostrom for sure. You might also like ‘The Essential Guide to Posting’ with Bobbi Lane if you regularly shoot pictures of yourself for your lifestyle blog.

‘Flat Lay Your Life’ also looks pretty good if you’re looking to create sharable content for your social media fees – Instagram particularly seems to love flat lay photography!

If you’re a small business owner

Have to take pictures to promote your brand? Don’t worry, there are loads for you on here. ‘Photo Styling’ with Meredith Staggers is one of the first I’d watch. Styling photos is harder than it looks – that’s why professional product photographers often hire specialist food or product stylists.

There’s also a class called ‘Product Photography at Home’ which will surely be worth watching, and there is a class solely on ‘Beautiful Cake Photography’ for bakers if that’s more your kind of thing.

If you’re a keen photographer

Alright, time for you to get creative. Or at least learn some new skills for when this all blows over. Aide from the National Geographic class that I’ll certainly be watching, there’s a few more worth considering.

It’s a good time to brush up on your editing workflow and skills right now – so ‘Moving Between Lightroom & Photoshop’ might be a good call. It’s a bit of an awkward process at first, but once you’ve got the hang of it you’ll be saving loads of time on editing your images.

There’s also a class on ‘How to Edit Photos’ that promises to develop your creative seeing when it comes to editing. So many people have all the technical skills in post-processing and have a real lack of empathetic connection with the subject – time to change that?

If you’re a pro

Look, times are hard right now. But look on the bright side – you’ve got plenty of time to analyse your business plan, see what’s worked in the future, do your accounts for April, and think about if you want to add another string to your photographic bow.

There are a couple of classes aimed specifically at business on Bluprint and they’re worth a look. But also consider classes in subjects like pet photography or family photography. These fields can be a great thing to add to your existing business, especially if you do in person sales afterwards (when we’re allowed to go and hang out at peoples houses and studios again, obviously).

Resources for homeschooling

Bluprint has also made an area on its site specifically with craft classes for children. There are some that the kids can do on their own, and there are others that you can do as a family.

Either way, worth checking out. I know you parents are basically superhero all year round, but I want you to know that you’re doing an especially great job right now. And remember that maths and English aren’t the only great subjects to teach your kids. Crafts, art, cookery – they’re all incredible skills that kids can learn and love. And anyway while they’re calculating f-stops, they’re doing maths!

Let me know if you sign up, what classes you take and what you think of them. I’ll try and review some of the classes over the next two weeks. I’d also love to see the results of any pictures that you take!

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