Behind The Image #3 – Chad in the Bath

Behind The Image #3 – Chad in the Bath

Bathrooms often have the most wonderful light when it comes to photography. All those white tiles really bounce the light around and make for a wonderful bright and airy feel to images.

In the photos is Chad. He’s been living with me for a few years now and in the last year has been diagnosed with thyroid problems and stage four kidney disease. He’s also probably got cat dementia.

He sleeps quite a bit now, but occasionally has moments that are full of life. Earlier today I headed upstairs to investigate a crashing noise only to find Chad playing in the bath and bottles of product scattered everywhere.

Just like when you’re caring for a sick person, when you’re caring for a sick and old animal you have to embrace these moments of lucidity because they get rarer as time goes on. So we played joyfully in the bath, causing carnage as he jumped from perch to perch. Apparently the floor is lava in the bathroom.

I have been considering for some time turning my hand to pet photography and looking for clients. Animals are so unpredictable though – as the classic saying goes “never work with children or animals.” At the moment I’m just practicing. But there’s something very different practicing on your own animals (or even your friends animals) to going to client’s homes and being able to shoot great images on demand.

Fujifilm X-T20 
Fujifilm XF 35mm f/1.4 R

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