Architecture Photography and Storytelling

Architecture Photography and Storytelling

Architecture photography is one of those genres that seems to be often overlooked. But buildings are all around us, and they make a great subject to practice many different kinds of photography.

They’re useful for far more than just a simple lens test. Architectural photography can enable you to practice your compositional skills, your focussing, and your basic settings. All things that any good photographer really needs to have a great handle on if they’re to shoot great pictures.

It’s for this reason that I put together an article on architecture photography for Digital Photography School. I wanted to share the joy that it gives me with everyone! I love shooting architecture and can be found pointing my lens at everything from grand, glass towers in London, to local cottages in the Cotswolds.

Telling Stories with Architecture Photography

What I absolutely love to do is tell stories with my photographs. And architecture photography is no different. I think there can be such joy in learning about the buildings and their setting and then trying to show that in photographs.

architecture photography

I was fortunate enough to study the architecture of Oxford while I studied my History of Art Undergraduate degree at Oxford Brookes. We studied the history of the city and looked closely at how Oxford University was built.

But you don’t have to look in such depth, you can enjoy more conceptual photography too. There’s nothing wrong with telling stories about old and new architecture butting up against each other and fighting for space. A few weeks ago at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, I even shot some images of their shrapnel-scarred wall from when London was bombed.

So if you’ve never considered turning your lens on the built environment before, give it a try. You might discover a passion for architecture photography!