New Year's Resolutions for Photography

New Year’s Resolutions for Photography

Every year I try and make some new year’s resolutions for photography. At some point in January, I sit down and take stock of what I achieved last year, and where I want to go in the next twelve months.

It’s a cathartic process, one that always seems to reinvigorate my photography. The very process of making a new year’s resolution for photography forces you to decide if you’re enjoying the direction that you’ve been going in.

I always try to find a new skill or technique that I can focus on, as well as a creative direction. Previously I’ve also attempted 365 projects, but I’ve never really had the staying power for that!

Photography Goals for 2020

This year I’m going to focus on art photography. Of course, I’ll still be doing commercial work and shooting for the articles I write, but I also want to make the mental space and the time to shoot art photography.

New Year's Resolutions for Photography

So the first of my new year’s resolutions for photography is to shoot a self-portrait every month. I’ve always enjoyed shooting self-portraits, ever since I first took up photography. And they’re a great way to experiment with the kind of work that you might not want to show to anyone else. But each month I’m going to aim to shoot one that is ready to show an audience.

My second resolution is to get my work exhibited. I want to start building up my artist’s CV and I would love to put a couple of exhibitions on it. I’d also like to work towards being able to apply to grants or bursaries to fund my art photography, but that’s quite a way off!

On a technical basis, I’m planning to shoot more motorsports. That’ll involve improving my panning and composition skills. I’m also hoping to continue to build up my portfolio of automotive lifestyle photography.

I recently wrote a post for Digital Photography School that suggested ideas for setting your own New Year’s resolutions for photography. If you’re wondering what your goals should be this year then take a read!

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