About Me

If I could give my younger self a piece of advice it would be to never lose the sense of childlike wonder when you witness the incredible things that humans can build.

In retrospect this sense of wonder has been at the heart of every key decision I’ve made in my life. An early career in logistics was inspired by the massive trucks and ships used to transport containers. A photographer application to the RAF because of the great metal birds flying high in the sky.

More recently I’ve been studying at university to complete two History of Art degrees. The first I began because of a genuine sense of wonderment at the architecture that surrounds us. Great cathedrals built stone by stone without any of our contemporary logistics technology, right through to modernist masterpieces of machines designed for living in as homes.

My Masters by Research (a 30,000 word thesis that was an original contribution to academic knowledge) focussed on the engineering marvel that is videogames. I am in awe of the way that lines of code on a screen can make us feel genuine emotions. We laugh, we cry, and we tell stories based on digital fantasy.

The last decade has seen my interest in automotive technology grow. Growing up I was, like many, surrounded by the sights and sounds of the F1 on Sunday afternoon television. But it was watching sports car racing over a decade ago for the first time on a wet and windy day at Silverstone that sealed the deal.

Automotive photography is my passion. Conveying the beauty and power of these remarkable machines is a genuine challenge when it comes to taking photographs. But it’s not all about what happens on the track, it’s the lifestyle that surrounds it too. The design of the car, its accessories, and the people who love it are as important in my photography as the way that it handles on the road. And perhaps one day I’ll get my own classic Sierra XR4i that I inherited from my Grandfather on the road.

The history of design was something I unexpectedly fell in love with during my two History of Art degrees. It makes sense now, looking back. I’ve always loved human creations that go fast, fly through the air, float on water, or provide places for humans to inhabit.

Currently my freelance work takes me between photographing products and automotive lifestyle, and writing for photography blogs and magazines. I adore teaching people about photography and sharing their joy as they see their own work improve and their sense of self-belief increase.

If you share my love of design and history and you’d like to work with me then drop me a line. I’d love to meet you and see how we could collaborate.